The Australian Car Wash Association thanks everyone who attended and exhibited the 2017 CARWASH SHOW – and with record attendance numbers – What A Great SHOW it Was!

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The Australian Car Wash Association

exists to encourage the success of its members by providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas and by promoting commercial car washes as the most environmentally responsible places to wash vehicles.

ACWA Supplier Members

are the best in the industry. Find a Supplier for all your needs here…

Find the best carwash near you…All car washes listed here are ACWA members, and those with a water droplet are rated as 5-star water efficient under the Car Wash Water Saver Rating Scheme.

Water Saver Rating Scheme

As people become more aware about caring for the environment in their everyday activities, this program helps car wash operators educate consumers about the benefits of commercial car washing.

Did You Know That…

When you wash your car on the driveway or in the street, the contaminated, soapy water flows into the nearest stormwater drain and from there straight into the local creek, river or sea-shore without any cleaning or filtering.

If you want to help protect the water environment, wash your car on the lawn or a gravel area – or best of all use a commercial car wash where all the water is recycled or directed straight into the sewer system for treatment.

Australian Car Wash Association – Caring for your Car and for the Environment