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Caring for your Car and the Environment


Australian Car Wash Association

The ACWA exists to encourage the success of its members by providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas and by promoting commercial car washes as the most environmentally responsible places to wash vehicles..

Carwash Operator Membership with the ACWA

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Water Saver Rating Sceme

Water Rating Scheme

For commercial

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For all Operators, Suppliers and Government Authorities

Stormwater Awareness
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The stormwater system is a separate pipe network to the sewer system. Whatever goes into the stormwater pipes flows straight into the waterways – with no filtering and no treatment

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Where to Wash
Where to Wash My Car

Grace for Vets

ICA Show 2016

Grace for Vets

Have you ever thought about attending the ICA Show?

It provides a wonderful insight to the latest technology in equipment, chemicals, marketing, software for wash clubs, apps for your own equipment here at our Australian carwash sites, and not to mention the importance of networking with other car wash owners throughout the world ….. It’s a must see to enhance your industry knowledge.

When thinking of booking your travel for car wash shows, meetings or personal travel look no further than long time ACWA Supplier Catherine Stone and her A-Grade team at RHEOM Travel Their wealth of knowledge and experience within the travel industry as well as excellent backup service and presentation with your itinerary is 1st class everytime.





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