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New CarMaintain the Value of Your Car

The best thing people can do to maintain the value of their car over time is to keep it clean. Visible dirt is one thing, but airborne pollution, acid rain, bugs, bird droppings, sap from trees and leaves can all cause permanent stains when left on your car.

It is important to keep your car looking it’s best, so it is worth more when it comes time to upgrade to a new car. Modern car wash cleaning products also help protect the paint finish long after the dirt is gone.

Wash on a Porous Surface

Every car wash results in about 750ml of toxic sludge. Across Australia, that is 5 Olympic size swimming pools of toxic sludge going into our waterways every day.

Never let the water from your carwash flow down the drain into the stormwater system. Commercial carwash wastewater is treated according to EPA requirements and never goes down the stormwater drain. If at home, wash on a porous surface; the lawn or gravel is a good filter.

High pressureDid you know that in many Australian States it is illegal to wash your car where the wastewater flows into the street drains (stormwater system). You could be fined.

Loosen the Dirt First

When starting to wash your car, rinse with water first to loosen the dirt. Rubbing dry dirt is very abrasive, like sandpaper. At a self-serve carwash, always rinse with the high pressure wand first. Spray at the cracks and crevices where dirt can accumulate. Let the water soften the dirt, this also helps the detergents get in and release it from the paint without scratching.




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