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One Carwash equals...Saving Water at the Carwash

Some commercial car washes use as little as 30-40 litres of water per vehicle wash. Use of modern equipment and water recycling technology means that car washes use much less water than most people think.


Australia is one of the driest countries on earth. Many areas of Australia have been in drought for years. And we extract too much water from many streams and rivers; compromising wildlife and natural eco-systems. Despite recent rainfalls in some of these drought areas, every Australian needs to help conserve water; our most precious natural resource.


Water Saver Rating SchemeThe Car Wash Water Saver Rating Scheme

The Car Wash Water Saver Rating Scheme enables responsible car wash operators to demonstrate their high environmental standards in water use. The rating scheme was first developed to allow commercial car washes to operate even in times of severe water shortages; where compliance with water restrictions was required.

The Water Saver Rating Scheme is a national standard that has been accredited by the federal Smart Approved WaterMark, part of the National Water Initiative. It is the outdoor system equivalent to the indoor 5 Star product rating that you see on washing machines, etc.

You can be sure that your Car Wash provides the highest level of environmental care in both saving water and treatment of waste when you see this sign (right):

Car Washes that comply with environmental waste treatment and Water Saver Rating are shown on the Search Map by the WRS Carwash Symbol


Help our Environment... Save Water... Clean Up our Waterways

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